LIVESTREAM Germany: Marburg Mercenaries @ Stuttgart Scorpions, June 12, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11:00 am ET)

The Stuttgart Scorpions (0-1) play host to the Marburg Mercenaries (0-1) in this GFL South matchup. Both teams are eager to forget about season opening losses and get back to winning today.

Marburg aims to bounce back from a 31-7 to the Allgäu Comets. In that game quarterback Sonny Weishaupt and the Mercenaries offense was plagued by sacks and turnovers. Look for them to this protect that ball this week, as Weishaupt will spread it around to weapons such as Aaron Seward,  Merlin Detroy, and Marcus Cox to give this offense a spark. Fans can expect this Marburg offense to develop as the season goes on as management brought in veteran offensive coordinator Tim Bishop shortly before the season.

Marburg Mercenaries @ Stuttgart Scorpions, June 12, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11:00 am ET)

Defensively, two standouts in the secondary are Belgian Rueben de Ruyter and Italy’s Allesandro Fantin. The two imports aim to slow down a Stuttgart offense that featured a lot of short passes in week one. Linebacker Robert Heyward’s sure tackling will  come in handy as the Scorpion’s offense is based around an athletic quarterback who loves to scramble to move the sticks.

The Scorpions 35-6 opening loss came at the hands of a talented Saarland team. The Stuttgart defense expects to bounce back as they need to get more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. One key to this defense will be the play of defensive lineman Leon Epple.

Offensively, Stuttgart’s quarterback Wyatt Hutchinson was able to use a slick spin move to score on a scramble producing the teams only points. Hutchinson targeted athletic receiver Achim Grossman often. This QB-WR duo may become a factor that defensive coordinators plan around. Stuttgart will aim to get Grossman the ball in space again today.

This game is a great chance for Marburg to get back on track with a win. The season opening loss is not how the Mercenaries envisioned their start to the 2021 season and a win Stuttgart could help build some positive momentum. Meanwhile the Scorpions look to raise some eyebrows in the GFL with an upset victory.

Watch the game live here. Marburg Mercenaries @ Stuttgart Scorpions, June 12, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11:00 am ET)

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