LIVESTREAM Germany PPV: Dresden Monarchs @ Berlin Adler, Sept. 2, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11 am EDT)

Saturday, September 2nd, the Dresden Monarchs (8-2) will be traveling to Berlin to face off against the Berlin Adler (5-5) for their second matchup as the German Football League regular season heads to a close.

In the last matchup between these two, Dresden put on a show for their home fans and walked away with a 35-12 victory over the Adler. While a spot in the playoffs is essentially locked up for the Monarchs, the Adler need a win this week. Berlin currently sits in the 5th spot of the GFL North on the outside looking in with two games remaining.

Last week, Dresden had a shot to take sole possession as the top team of the GFL North in their match against the Potsdam Royals. However, even though they had the support of their home crowd behind them, it was not enough for them to get the win. Dresden would fall in a 57-21 loss to Potsdam.

Watch live PPV. Dresden Monarchs @ Berlin Adler, Sept. 2, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11 am EDT)

While the Monarchs handled the Adler easily in their last matchup, they cannot think lightly of the surging Berlin team. Dresden needs to stick to their keys to success and it starts in the passing game.

Dresden’s number one receiver just so happens to be the number one receiver in the GFL. Wide receiver Austin Mitchell ranks first in receiving yards with 1,434 and second in touchdowns with 19.

On the other side, the Berlin Adler are desperately searching for a win this week to keep their playoff hopes alive. With their record sitting at 5-5 they are the first team out of the playoffs in 5th place.

The Adler have had an up and down season and probably have the toughest end of the season facing Dresden this week and GFL North 1st place Potsdam in their season finale. But as the old verbiage goes “It’s not about how you start; it’s about how you finish”. But they do have a tough road ahead.

One glimmering sign of hope for the Adler comes on their defensive line. The Adler do not come very close to leading any statistical categories this season except one. The Adler lead the GFL in sacks with 23, and that advantage could come in very handy for this final stretch of the season.

If Dresden can perform offensively, they should have no problems, but if the Adler defensive line can wreak havoc as they have all year, this matchup could get very interesting in the final stages of the game.

Watch live PPV. Dresden Monarchs @ Berlin Adler, Sept. 2, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11 am EDT)

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