LIVESTREAM Hungary: Budapest Cowbells @ Budapest Wolves, May 22, 12:00 CET (12 noon, 06:00 am ET)

It will be a Hungarian capital city showdown between the Budapest Wolves (0-1) and Budapest Cowbells (0-1)  Saturday, May 22 as the Hungarian Football League heads into its third round of play.

Márk Bencsics had three touchdown passes but also had two interceptions last time; Photo: László Tenk

Despite the good start in their game against the Győr Sharks, the Budapest Wolves could not hold on to their three touchdown lead and fell short at the end. In addition, the title contender might be without David Casarrubias who was injured against the Sharks. Despite two scoreless quarters, the Wolves’ offense produced good numbers. Márk Bencsics (QB) was 15 of 22 with 245 passing yards and three touchdowns. Wide receiver Márton Czirók posed the greatest threat with 3 receptions for 112 yards and 2 touchdowns. Thus, the offense seems to be in good shape, however, the defense needs some adjustments.

Budapest Cowbells @ Budapest Wolves, May 22, 12:00 CET (06:00 am ET)

Márton Mészáros (14) could be Cowbells’ biggest offensive threat; Photo: Pix by Tomi

While the Wolves produced impressive numbers on offense, the Cowbells could not last week in the loss to the Enthroners. Although the two-time champion had some good moments with Márton Mészáros makingsix receptions for 84 yards, it was not enough to score against the defending champion Fehérvár Enthroners. The defense is missing key players like Márton Németh, and there are a lot of rookies as well, but the Wolves still made life difficult for the Enthroners’ offense. Hard hitters like Zoltán Golita and Tamás Törzsök are still in great form despite missing more than a year due to the pandemic. They might have a positive impact on the Cowbells to win the next very important game.

Watch the game live here. Budapest Cowbells @ Budapest Wolves, May 22, 12:00 CET

Budapest Wolves roster

Budapest Cowbells roster


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