LIVESTREAM Hungary: Fehérvár Enthroners @ Budapest Cowbells, May 16, 16.30 CET (4:30 pm, 10:30 am ET)

Hungarian Champions, the Fehérvár Enthroners (1-0) visit the Budapest Cowbells (0-0), as the Hungarian Football League continues this Sunday.

The Enthroners opened this season with a 35-14 victory against the Győr Sharks. Starting quarterback Márk Erős proved to be in top shape although the running game of Fehérvár was solid throughout the game, the receivers had a great game as well with Nándor Tóth scoring one touchdown and having 124 receiving yards. Nevertheless, head coach Jaime Hill’s most important objective was to help the players get into the game mentally as soon as possible, because in last week’s win, the Gyor Sharks caused trouble for the title holders in the first half before the Enthroners found their game in the second half

Fehérvár Enthroners @ Budapest Cowbells, May 16, 16.30 CET (4:30 pm, 10:30 am ET)

Nándor Tóth excelled against the Győr Sharks Photo: László Tenk

This is the season opener for the Budapest Cowbells and the two time Hungarian champions head into the game with Karim Trabelsi as head coach after returning from a one-year suspension, which he got in 2018. Two years ago, Troy Baker led the team to the semifinals where the Enthroners stopped them, while in 2020 they did not participate in any football due to the pandemic.

The Cowbells are looking to settle the score with Fehérvár this weekend, but they are facing a squad that vastly improved throughout the years. Nevertheless, the Cowbells’ defense is considered to be one of the strongest and most fearsome with the biggest hitters in Hungary.

Karim Trabelsi is back Photo: Photopium

Watch the game live here. Fehérvár Enthroners @ Budapest Cowbells, May 16, 16.30 CET

Budapest Cowbells roster (x denotes starter)

Fehérvár Enthroners roster (x denotes starter)

László Makranczi is a radio reporter, announcer and American Football journalist in Hungary. He lives in Debrecen and works for the Hungarian American Football Federation. Studied at the University of Debrecen, got a master’s degree in American