LIVESTREAM: IFAF EC – Team Turkey @ Team Spain, Sat. Oct. 26, 3:30P CEDT (9:30a EDT)

The Spanish national team will play host to Team Turkey, Saturday, October 26 at the Municipal Sports Center Valleaguado de Cosladaas as the IFAF 2020 European Championship Group B winds up for 2019.

For the second time in a year, these two teams will face each other in Spain.

Turkey defeated Team Spain 14-7 in 2018, recording their first win in six years.

The Turkish national team is coming off a tough 27-22 loss to Israel a month ago in Group B action. Meanwhile, Spain dropped a 24-7 decision to Team Hungary two weeks ago. Both teams desperately need a win. The Spaniards should have the advantage playing at home.

In the 14-7 victory over Spain in 2018, Turkey relied on wide receiver Yasin Can Parlak who caught both touchdown passes. Spanish head coach Talib Wise will no doubt keep him under scrutiny today. In Turkey’s loss to Israel, a last second interception by the Israelis spelled the difference, thwarting Turkey’s potentially game-winning touchdown.

Team Spain Roster

Watch the game live here. Team Turkey @ Team Spain, Sat. Oct. 26, 3:30P CEDT (9:30a EDT)

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