LIVESTREAM IFAF WWC: Team Sweden vs Team Finland, July 30, 15:30 CET (3:30 pm, 9:30 am ET)

The 2022 IFAF World Women’s Championship continues Saturday, July 30 as two archrivals, Team Finland, the 2019 European Champions, and Team Sweden square off in the second game of the day in Vantaa, Finland.

The neighboring countries have been playing these cross-border matches since 2008. Finland had dominated the series up until 2019, winning eleven straight matches. But the Swedes finally began to close the gap. The Finns managed to win a close one that year – 27-20 – in the 2019 IFAF European Championships but Sweden retaliated later that year with a 23-14 victory after shutting out Finland in the second half.

Team Sweden HC Patric Malmstöm urged fans to watch for running back Anna Hedström and wide receiver Greta Munters on offense. On defense, defensive end Johanna Aspenberg, defensive back Nathalie Bengtsson. According to Malmstöm, given their long history of playing one another, the game between Sweden and Finland will likely be the most closely contested of the first day.

Team Finland’s Manager Peta Eleronta commented that the players to watch for the host team were running back Tytti Kuusinen, and defensive back Jonna Tuovinen, along with defensive linewomen Anni Alanko, and Minna Lehtinen.

Kuusinen and Tuovinen had recently been on opposite teams, not only in Finland, but in the United States as well. Kuusinen played for the Women’s Football Alliance Boston Renegades when they defeated Tuovinen and her Minnesota Vixen for the WFA Pro Division championship.

Watch the game live here on the Olympic Channel. Team Sweden vs Team Finland, July 30, 15:30 CET (3:30 pm, 9:30 am ET)

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