LIVESTREAM IFAF WWC: Team Sweden vs Team Germany, Aug. 3, 12:00 CET (12 noon, 06:00 am ET)

The IFAF Women’s World Championships continue in Vantaa, Finland, August 3 as Team Sweden and Team Germany square off in the second game of Day 2 in a consolation round matchup.

Sweden lost 49-0 Team Finland on the opening day of the competition while Team Germany was also on the wrong end of a shutout, losing 63-0 to Team USA.

Both teams are returning to the WWC after missing 2017, and their first games against tough competition did not give either team much chance to show off their talent.

Team Sweden vs Team Germany, Aug. 3, 12:00 CET (12 noon, 06:00 am ET)

Although Team Sweden’s offense was unable to get untracked against Finland, quarterback Bim Jensen-Östlund threw for 42 yards, and running back Anna Hedström caught three passes for 29 yards. On defense, Hedvig Palocci led Sweden with 6.5 tackles, followed by linebackers Elin Thimfors and Alma Gustafsson.

Likewise, Team Germany’s running game was throttled by the Americans. Their passing attack performed better though, led by quarterback Silvana Friese, who completed seven passes for 37 yards. Wide receiver Anja Driver caught four passes for 31 yards, and Jules Hallerbaum hauled in another three for 10 yards. Team Germany’s Game MVP defensive back Dora Jung anchored the defense with 15.5 tackles.

After the WWC’s first day, these teams are still something of an enigma. Both showed moments of promise against overwhelming odds. Both have had success before. That should make their matchup on Wednesday one of the most interesting. The two played in the 2013 WWC, and Germany won a close game by 11 points, 25-14. They had also had a close contest in 2010, when the Germans won 14-0.

Watch the game live here. Team Sweden vs Team Germany, Aug. 3, 12:00 CET (12 noon, 06:00 am ET)

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