LIVESTREAM: International friendly – Team Turkey @Team Spain, Saturday, September 29, 1p (7a ET)

In their second game this year, Team Spain will play host to Team Turkey at Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas stadium in Madrid, Spain Saturday, September 29, in the first ever game between the two countries.

The Spanish squad last saw action six weeks ago when they blanked Team Russia 27-0. 

Under new head coach Talib Wise, Spain looked sharp. Running back Marcos de la Mata, who was named MVP of the game, scored a touchdown while Juan Hervás scored a touchdown and kicked two field goals for Spain.  Ignacio Valero added a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

It was a historic victory. It marked the first win ever for the Spanish national team.

A year ago Team Spain came close though. They lost a controversial game to Team Belgium, 18-16. They had dropped a tough 14-6 decision to the Belgians the year before. Spain lost to Israel in a European qualification game in 2015, 28-20.

Spain enters the game with a 46 man roster with Spanish semifinalists, the LG OLED Black Demons represented with eight players, Osos Rivas has five and Barcelona Uroloki also has five. Reigning champions of Spain, the Badalona Dracs, have a total of four players on the team.

Team Turkey takes on the Spanish national team in their third international friendly in the past year.  Turkey played Team Russia to a 13-13 tie a week ago in Istanbul. Prior to that, Turkey lost a close game to Serbia a year ago .

This is the first time these two teams have played each and it will be only the third game for Turkey since playing Romania six years ago.

Turkey’s 60 man roster includes 16 members of the Turkish championship team, the Koc Rams. One of the keys to the Turkish offense is Rams running back Taha Çokadar. Another player to keep an eye out for is wide receiver Yasin Can Parlak from the Turkish runner ups, the Bogazici Sultans. 

Watch the game live here. Team Turkey @Team Spain, Saturday, September 29, 1p (7a ET)

The game will be followed by a game between Team Spain’s U19 squad taking on the Dutch Lions, Team Holland’s U19 team. Sept. 29, 8pm (2pm ET)


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