LIVESTREAM Italy: Firenzi Guelfi @ Varese Skorpions, March 3, 14:30 CET (2:30 pm, 8:30 am ET)

The Firenze Guelfi, 2023 Italian Bowl finalists are on the road in their opening game of the 2024 season as the face the Varese Skorpions, in the final game of the opening round of the Italian Football League.

In the only game between these two teams in 2023, the Guelfi came out on top 42-7. Still, Varese reached the playoffs last season with a 4-4 record but were eliminated by the Parma Panthers in the semifinals. The Guelfi fell to Parma in the championship game, 29-13.

The Skorpions have signed former NFL quarterback, Ryan Griffin, (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), who will be teaming up with his brother, wide receiver MacLaine Griffin (Portland State). In addition, Varese has signed a number of national players and can be considered a dark horse in the league in 2024.

Revenge is the word of the season for Guelfi. They were huge favorites for the title last season but came up short. This season they have an excellent core of Italians with ELF experience including offensive lineman Robert Macaj and linebacker Alex Ferrari, as well as American defensive back Dejion Lynch (Southeastern Louisiana). The offensive line and the experience are the key to success for this team.

Firenzi Guelfi @ Varese Skorpions
March 3, 14:30 CET (2:30 pm, 8:30 am ET)

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