LIVESTREAM Italy: Torino Giaguari @ Bologna Warriors, March 2, 21:00 CET (9 pm, 3 pm ET)

The Torino Giaguari (1-0) travel to Bologna to face a Bologna Warriors team looking to improve on a dismal 2023 season as the Italian Football League launches its full 2024 season.

In an early, single-game sneak opening last weekend, Torino defeated the Milano Rhinos 43-42.

The Warriors are coming off a 2-6 season which saw them finish second to last in the standings. With the addition of quarterback Ashley Brooks (Turks and Caicos Islands) they are hoping for a vast improvement.

The Giaguari’s key signings included quarterback Nicholas Dalmasso (Milano Seamen) and wide receiver Adrian Tolbert (Southwest Minnesota State University), as well as Tamsir Seck and defensive back Bismark Yeboah both of whom also played for the Milano Seamen in 2023 in the European League of Football. Clearly this paid off as last week’s win over the Rhinos showed. Dalmasso threw for 459 yards and five touchdowns with Tolbert hauling in six passes for a game-best 163 yards.

Torino Giaguari @ Bologna Warriors
March 2, 21:00 CET (9 pm, 3 pm ET)

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