LIVESTREAM Mexican College Championship: UANL Tigres vs Borregos Monterrey, Nov. 25, 02:00 CET (2 am, 8 pm Nov. 24 ET)

This year marks the 72nd showdown between two titans of college American football in Mexico: the Tigres of UANL and the Borregos of ITESM Monterrey who will square off at Gaspar Mass Stadium.

What makes this edition particularly special is that it takes place in the grand final, marking the seventh occasion in history that these teams collide in the tournament’s decisive match. So far, the Borregos have emerged victorious in the previous six finals, establishing dominance in the “Regio Classic.”

The first hint that this edition might be different came in the first round of this year when the Tigres managed to defeat the Borregos with a score of 13-10. However, both teams were still in the process of finding their rhythm, as this was the first game of the season. Since then, both squads have demonstrated impressive performances, reaching the final with considerable momentum.

The UANL Tigres present a formidable ground attack, supported by the presence of four elite runners, including standout players Axel Montini (#39) and Ángel Alvarado (#20). Additionally, they boast an aerial threat led by the talented quarterback Patricio Quiroga, who has established a noteworthy connection with star receiver Marco García (#82).

Despite their offensive achievements, the Tigres face a formidable challenge in the form of the Borregos‘ outstanding defense. This unit has stood out as the league’s best, building a blue wall that has proven impenetrable on numerous occasions. Fabrizzio Mejía and Emiliano Rodríguez are names resonating in the deep defense, specialists in stealing balls and dismantling opponents’ offensive plans.

On the offensive side for the Borregos, the alternation between quarterbacks Fernando Sarabia (#15) and Víctor Palacios (#19) has proven to be a successful strategy. Both quarterbacks guarantee an exciting aerial spectacle, keeping rival defenses on edge and generating diversity in the game that can be challenging to counter.

This will be an epic showdown that has become a deeply rooted tradition in the rich history of college American football in Mexico.

There are two ways to view the game:

UNAL Tigres vs Borregos Monterrey, Nov. 25, 02:00 CET (2 am, 8 pm Nov. 24 ET)

UNAL Tigres vs Borregos Monterrey, Nov. 25, 02:00 CET (2 am, 8 pm Nov. 24 ET)