LIVESTREAM: Mexico – Dinos v. Osos, Sat. April 6, 6p Central (8p EDT, 2a April 7 CEDT)

As Mexico’s Liga De Football Americano Profesional heads into its final weekend of play in the regular season, the 1-5 Osos take on the 3-3 Dinos in a game that is crucial for the Dinos playoff positioning.

Last week the Dinos took a huge step by beating the Mexicas 28-20 and solidifying their position in the Northern Conference standings.

The Dinos offense has had a tough time scoring as evidenced by the 91 points they have put up in six games. With Dinos starting QB Mata Charles still out and his replacement Garcia Blancas looking shaky, the Dinos turned to Roberto Vega and he responded, leading them to a key win.

The Osos fell badly 28-6 to the Raptors and will likely miss the playoffs in their first year in the league.

Osos QB Alan Macedo is the fourth leading passer in the league with 738 yards  and has found reliable receivers in Mario Salas (217 yds, 2 TDs) along with Darrell Crandall (174 yds, 3 TDs).

Watch the game live here. Dinos v. Osos, Sat. April 6, 6p Central (8p EDT, 2a April 7 CEDT)

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