LIVESTREAM Mexico LFA: Wild Card Round – Reyes de Jalisco @ Raptors de Naucalpan, May 1, 16:00 Central Time (4 pm, 11 pm CET, 5 PM ET)

The second and final game of wild card weekend in Mexico’s Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional (LFA) features a matchup of two teams that are very opposite in terms of direction early in the season but managed to turn it around and arguably be considered as the league’s two hottest teams.

The Raptors de Naucalpan (4-2) are back in a familiar spot, making their fifth straight playoff appearance and looking to finally get their long elusive Tazón México. Their opponent, the Reyes de Jalisco (3-3) are in the playoffs in their inaugural season and with their last two games being well-fought wins (35-24 over the Fundidores and 19-10 versus the Gallos), there could be a real chance they go on a run like the Dinos de Saltillo in 2017 and make a surprise run to the championship.

This game is a rematch of their Week 1 meeting in Jalisco, where the Raptors prevailed in the face of a stout Reyes defense to make it out of there with a 13-10 victory. In the playoffs, the game will be in Naucalpan, and both teams’ offenses have been on point with no signs of stopping. The winner of this will face the Fundidores, who have slumped recently and could pose a real challenge to whoever ends up in Monterrey.

Raptors DB Karrheem Darrington #8 snagging an interception from the outstretched hands of Reyes WR Oswaldo Campa #13

The Raptors from all accounts have experience under their belt. They are the only team to have made the playoffs in every year of the LFA’s existence. They have also been to three Tazón México games, but unfortunately won none of them. With the leadership of quarterback Bruno Márquez, who is retiring after this season, they lead the league in total points scored and also in tackles. 

The team also had arguably the best win of the season when they upset the then undefeated Dinos in the closing seconds. If any of the wild card round teams can end up hoisting the title at the end of the year it is them.

The Reyes on the other hand don’t have the same experience in the LFA playoffs. As an expansion team, they showed real growing pains for most of the year. While defense showed up at times, as an offense they had a lot to be desired, especially during the blowouts in the middle of the season. It wasn’t until the last two games of the regular season that their offense really started to pick up a bit and they even beat the number two-seeded Fundidores. On top of that, quarterback Jon Mullin won Offensive MVP for the year.

LIVESTREAM: Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (LFA) Wild Card Reyes de Jalisco @ Raptors de Naucalpan, May 1, 16:00 Central Time (4 pm, 11 pm CET, 5 PM ET)


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