LIVESTREAM: Mexico – Monterrey Fundidores @Naucalpan Raptors, Sat. March 7, 5p local time (6p ET, 12 midnight CET)

The Monterrey Fundidores (3-1) travel south to Naucalpan outside Mexico City Saturday, March 7 to take on the Naucalpan Raptors (3-1) in Mexico’s  Liga De Futbol Americano (LFA) fifth-round action.

The Fundidores are coming off a 19-13 win over the Mexicas last week following their 23-3 win over the Artilleros. Monterrey opened the season with a 20-14 victory over the Toluca Osos but then dropped a 23-15 decision to the Dinos. The Raptors beat Osos 23-7 a week ago after having been edged by the Dinos 30-29. They downed the Mexicas 13-5 in the opening game of the season and followed that up with a 19-2 victory over the newcomers to the league this year, the Pioneros.

The defense has been the key to the Raptor’s three wins in four games so far as the team has allowed a total of 44 points, best in the LFA.

Karrheem Darrington (Bethel) is the lone import American for Naucalpan with Mexican quarterback Bruno Márquez (13) now behind center, replacing Canadian Graham Kelly. Linebacker Bradly Friesen (UBC) and wide receiver Zeph Fraser (Guelph) are the two CFL-LFA draft picks on the Raptors roster.

Fundidores running back Jalen Conwell has carried the load while on linebacker Christian Hernandez anchors the best defense in the LFA having allowed only 44 points in four games. Big wide receiver (6’3″,  2005 pounds) Aaron Williams, who helped the Mayas to a championship title in 2017, is a constant threat for opposing defenses.

Watch the game live here. Monterrey Fundidores @Naucalpan Raptors, Sat. March 7, 5p local time (6p ET, 12 midnight CET)

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