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The Epic Rivalry between UNAM and Politécnico in American Football:

A Legacy of Passion and Pride since 1936

In the vast world of sports, rivalries hold a special place, and in Mexico, few can compare to the intensity and history of the American football rivalry between the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). This rivalry is a whirlwind of passion, pride, and excitement that has been simmering since its humble beginnings in 1936.

Birth of a rivalry

History takes us back to 1936 when the first American football game was played between these two renowned academic institutions in Mexico. UNAM, one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Latin America, and IPN, known for its emphasis on technical and scientific education, began writing a chapter of rivalry that would span generations. On that occasion, the IPN’s first football team appeared on the field as a potential underdog, having played since 1927. The unthinkable happened – IPN defeated the powerful UNAM team with a score of 6-0, and from that moment, the rivalry was born.

Epic battles on the field

Each showdown on the American football field between UNAM’s Pumas and IPN’s Águilas Blancas is a fierce and thrilling battle. Players from both teams understand the magnitude of this rivalry and feel the responsibility of representing their institution and passionate supporters.

The games are a display of skills, strategy, and supreme effort. Every hit, every advance, every touchdown is a statement of determination and loyalty. Matches are often decided in the final minutes, adding an extra layer of drama and excitement.

Watch the game live. Pumas UNAM @ Águilas Blancas IPN, Sept. 9, 20:00 CET (8 pm, 2 pm EDT, 12 noon in Mexico)

Community comes together

The rivalry doesn’t stay on the field. It extends to the student and alumni communities of both institutions. Supporters fill the stadiums and create an electrifying atmosphere. UNAM and IPN graduates unite to support their teams. The war of “GOYAS” and “HUELUMS” (team chants) is epic, sharing the passion and competitive spirit that characterize this rivalry, which has been fueled by the ability of either team to defeat the other on any given day.

A legacy of passion and pride

This rivalry has endured over the decades, transcending generations. It has seen moments of glory for both teams and has kept the flame of rivalry alive. Pumas vs. Águilas Blancas and Burros Blancos have faced each other countless times, a rivalry that will endure as long as American football exists in Mexico.

The current protagonists.

For this year, the first round gives us two of these classic games. On Saturday, September 9th, Águilas Blancas IPN will host Pumas UNAM Campus Ciudad Universitaria. Águilas Blancas appear to be a truly powerful team this year, receiving several transfers from other teams, including former Borregos Monterrey QB Sebastian Hernández. On the Pumas UNAM side, their second-year QB, Leny Garza, has matured and promised to distribute the game more evenly. The second-year player and the first woman to play in ONEFA, Andrea Martínez Kicker, has increased her field goal power.

The next day, the other UNAM representative team, Pumas from Acatlán Campus, will host IPN’s Burros Blancos at the Mexico ’68 Olympic Stadium, in another Classic showdown. This year, Acatlán has a revamped team after losing several senior players last year. Acatlán’s QB, Coby López, has returned from a serious knee injury suffered in the last game of last year and looks fully recovered, promising a spectacle with his runs and accurate passes.

On the Burros Blancos side, Abraham Chacón, LB and team captain, said:

“Being champions, we have no other idea; my teammates and I have worked for that, we don’t think about whether we’ll qualify, whether we’ll make the playoffs, no, the goal is November 26, the day of the final.”

Watch the game live. Pumas UNAM @ Águilas Blancas IPN, Sept. 9, 20:00 CET (8 pm, 2 pm EDT, 12 noon in Mexico)