LIVESTREAM: Mexico – Raptors v. Osos, Sat. March 30, 1p Central (3p EDT, 8p CEST)

The Raptors (3-2) who are first in the North Conference will face the last place 1-4 Osos, Saturday, March 30 in a late season game in Mexico’s Liga De Football Americano Profesional.

The Raptors enter the games as the highest scoring team in the LFA with an offense that has put up 133 points in five games while giving up 92. Osos has scored 88 points but have the worst defense in the league having allowed a whopping 170 points. However, 54 of those came in one game, last weekend’s 54-30 loss to the Condors.

Raptors QB Bruno Marquez  tops the league in passing having thrown for 1,567 yards and 12 TDs and he has a great receiving corps in Manuel Barrios, Enrique Barraza, Diego Arce and Ivan Garcia. The running attack is led by Dan Avila and Luis Flores.

Osos QB Alan Macedo is the fourth leading passer in the league with 738 yards  and has found reliable receivers in Mario Salas (217 yds, 2 TDs) along with Darrell Crandall (174 yds, 3 TDs). Nevertheless, without a defense, the Osos will have a  tough time making the playoffs.

Watch the game live here. Raptors v. Osos, Sat. March 30, 1p Central (3p EDT, 8p CEST)

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