LIVESTREAM Mexico: Reyes de Jalisco @ Dinos de Saltillo, April 2, 7 pm CDT (9 pm ET, 03:00 am CET April 3)

The Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional begins the weekend on April 2 with the undefeated Dinos de Saltillo hosting the Reyes de Jalisco.

The Dinos are fresh off earning a trip to the playoffs and are looking to earn a first-round bye. Their opponent, the Reyes de Jalisco, are looking to rebound from a total implosion against the Mexicas CDMX last week and to try to deny the Dinos a chance at a perfect season.

For the fourth week in a row, the Dinos remain undefeated. Even when it seemed like they would get upset by the Galgos, they found a way to pull out with a close victory. It wasn’t the prettiest win nor was it their best game of the season, but at the end of the day they got it done. 

For their penultimate game of the season, they look to go to 5-0 and to earn a first round bye before any other team has even gotten a playoff nod yet. However, the championship favorites will more than likely look to execute their offensive schemes more this week, especially following Jalisco’s loss to the Mexicas.

As for the Reyes, rebounding after last week’s collapse, they know that if they want to win more than one game this season, their offense just needs to step up to the plate when they are called. Reyes quarterback Jon Mullin commented on his team’s upcoming matchup and their game plan for how they want to stop Saltillo:

That’s always a possibility, anyone can beat anybody on any given day. We only start every week, we are 0-0. We pretend like last week never happened. Yes, we lost, but we have things we want to execute better, we have things to reflect on. As a quarterback, for myself you always have to look at the bigger picture as you can often get lost in the little things, and the little things are winning the first, second, third and fourth quarters. You don’t win the game yesterday, you win the game today. Our preparation and change, yes they have a 4-0 record, but like I said, we go in every week 0-0 and we just try and be 1-0 for that week and our execution again is the key for this game. If we do that, we will get the outcome that we expect.

Whether the Reyes pull out the upset, or the Dinos continue crushing, Saturday night for the LFA will be must watch football for the whole country.

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