LIVESTREAM Mexico: Reyes de Jalisco @ Gallos Negros de Querétaro April 16, 8 pm CDT (9 pm ET, 3 am CET April 17)

The Liga de Futbol Americano (LFA) enter its final week of play before the playoffs with one game over the Easter weekend as the Gallos Negros de Querétaro host the Reyes de Jalisco, Saturday, April 16.

The game between the number 5 ranked Gallos and the Reyes ranked at number 6, was originally scheduled for March 13 but was postponed because of the Querétaro–Atlas riot which took place at the home of the Querétaro F.C. This is a Mexican soccer team the Gallos Negros owner, José Luis Nassar owns. More than likely, both of these teams will make the playoffs, but the winner of this game will be locked in as the Number 5 seed.

The Reyes are coming off of their final bye week of the season and ready for a game that will more than likely decide their postseason seeding. The week off couldn’t have come at a better time for Jalisco, as their last two games were blowout losses against the Mexicas and the Dinos. The Reyes defense gave up a combined total of 80 points in these games, easily the most surrendered by a team during any two-game stretch this season.

However, what makes those numbers stand out even more is that both were road contests, so having a third game on the road on the surface is not a good start at face value. Especially as the Reyes offense has scored the fewest number of points of anyone in the league not named the Galgos. But the Reyes hope that the third time is the charm, and they will get a win on the road.

The Gallos Negros, despite the same record, have definitely been the better of the two teams. Granted, their offense has been a far cry from their Week 1 33-9 throttling of the Galgos, with their offensive firepower steadily declining with each game. The good thing though for Querétaro is that despite their limited offensive power, their defense has done an excellent job. Outside of the 24-10 loss to the Dinos, the Gallos Negros have not allowed any of their opponents to get above 16 points. 

LIVESTREAM Mexico: Reyes de Jalisco @ Gallos Negros de Querétaro April 16, 8 PM CDT (9 pm ET, April 17, 02:00 PM CET)

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