LIVESTREAM Poland: Bialystok Lowlanders @ Warsaw Eagles, June 8, 18:00 CET (6 pm, 12 noon EDT)

The final run for the playoffs in Poland will begin in Warsaw as the Bialystok Lowlanders (3-3) will pay a visit to face the Warsaw Eagles (5-1) as the Polish Football League heads into the second last weekend of play in the 2024 regular season.

In a game that best sums up the wild season Poland has seen, we will see the defending Polish Bowl Champion Lowlanders in a situation that they could finish anywhere from first to last at the end of the season based on what happens in this game and the other five games, remaining in the season.

Conversely, you have a team in the Eagles that missed the playoffs last season, but is one of only two teams to have clinched a playoff spot this season. Still, they could finish anywhere between first and fourth (mathematically) and they won’t know until the final whistle next week.

The Lowlanders had a rough start to the season, being bested by the opposition in the first three games. However, after a three game win streak, including an overtime win against the, previously undefeated Krakow Kings, the defending champions have a 3-3 record and seem to be back to their championship ways. The key for the Lowlanders will be ensuring that mid-season addition import linebacker Colby Campbell has a similar impact on defense and special teams as he has had thus far. Additionally, the Bialystok offense (2nd lowest PPG) will have to find a way to counteract the potent Eagles defense (1st in PPG).

On the other sideline, the hosts, the Warsaw Eagles, have already punched their ticket to the semifinals, but are trying to ensure a 1 or 2 seed, which will allow them to host their semifinal game. The Eagles currently sit on top of the league on offense and defense, when judged by PPG (215 scored & 91 given up). The week 1 loss, to the Krakow Kings (5-1), has them in second place in the country. However, if Warsaw can send the visitors home with a loss, then all they will need to do is win by 11 points next week (or just a win next week if the Kings falter against the Silesia Rebels tomorrow) and they will finish the regular season as #1.

Bialystok Lowlanders @ Warsaw Eagles
June 8, 18:00 CET (6 pm, 12 noon EDT)

Gavin coached in all levels of NCAA, before coming to Europe in 2013. Gavin is the founder of 3D Football and is currently the Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator for the Silesia Rebels in Poland's PFL1.