LIVESTREAM Poland: Bydgoszcz Archers @ Wroclaw Panthers, Oct. 10, 12:30 CET (06:30 ET)

All eyes in the Polish LFA are one matchup this week. The Bydgoszcz Archers are visiting the Wroclaw Panthers. The Panthers go into this game undefeated while the Archers are 2-1 after a thrilling victory over Silesia last week.

Last week the Bydgoszcz Archers beat the Silesia Rebels 29-28. The game was filled with exciting plays, many made by French running back Meril Zero. Zero was unstoppable rushing for 218 yards on the day and scoring three touchdowns. The Archers passing game was not to be heard from throwing for only 55 yards. But they didn’t need it! The plan to feed Zero became more and more evident throughout the game. We will see if Zero can carry his team this week against a strong Panthers defense.

Bydgoszcz Archers @ Wroclaw Panthers, Oct. 10, 12:30 CET (06:30 ET)

Bydgoszcz’s defensive unit is going into this game red hot. In last week’s win they had a combined 9 sacks and a pick six.  Defensively the Archers will have their hands full with Wroclaw’s rushing attack. They will need a big day from defenders like Kadel King, Grzegorz Piotrowski, and Piotr Fafinski who had a sack and an interception for a touchdown last week. Linebacker Kadel King on the matchup:

“Slowing doing the Panthers will mean, doing my job will and trusting my teammates to do theirs, getting us all to play attacking football rather than sitting back and waiting, I have faith that my defense will have a successful game.”

The Wroclaw Panthers are coming off of an overwhelming victory 62-0 win over the Warsaw Mets. The Panthers have been running the ball extremely well on offense this year thanks to running back Ryan Tuiasoa. The Hawaiian native has used good blocking upfront, along with his speed and power to dominate on the ground this season. He has scored 11 touchdowns so far in Wroclaw’s four games (including four in the win over the Dresden Monarchs). This game will offer a tough matchup as the Archers defense and linebacker Kadel King looked great last week. We will see how the two fair against each other. Tuiasoa on the matchup:

 “Its always fun and exciting for me getting a chance to compete against an established player like him. Though once the game starts is more about X’s and O’s for me”

Defensively the Panthers have dominated every game they have played. They are a defense with a lot of depth and polish national team players. This type of talent combined with the addition of former CFL linebacker Thiadric Hansen has made them perhaps the best defense in Europe this year.

This game could be a sneak peak at the Polish semi final matchup later this season it will also serve as a great matchup between Panthers running back Ryan Tuiasoa and Archers linebacker Kadel King. Lets see who comes out on top!

Watch the game live here. Bydgoszcz Archers @ Wroclaw Panthers, Oct. 10, 12:30 CET (06:30 ET)

Wroclaw Panthers roster (click image to enlarge)

Bydgoszcz Archers roster (click image to enlarge)

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