LIVE STREAM: Poland Heads to Budapest to play Team Hungary

Team Poland heads to Budapest, Hungary today to face the Hungarian national team in Poland’s’ third game of the year. Hungary is playing in its first game this year and third overall.

The Poles have faced tough opposition in Denmark (37-35 loss) and Sweden (28-21 loss) in the past few weeks and although they have lost, they have acquitted themselves very well. In both contests, Poland had a chance to win.

The Hungarians have played only two games in their history against the Czech Republic last year losing 26-7 and then facing a very good Serbian squad who beat them 56-0.


Nevertheless, Team Hungary enters the game with optimism. According to Kornél Bachrathy, secretary general of the Hungarian Federation of American Football (MAFSZ) the two losses gave the team invaluable experience. They look forward to a much improved performance today against Poland.


Photo: Marcin Fijalkowski – Interception

Kickoff: Saturday, Sept. 24, 2 PM CET (8 AM EDT)

Watch the game live here.

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