LIVESTREAM Poland: Krakow Kings @ Warsaw Mets, June 20, 14:00 CET (2 pm, 08:00 am ET)

The Warsaw Mets (1-4) will host the Krakow Kings (2-3) in the final week of play in the Polish Football League.

In the six team playoff the Kings and Mets currently sit at  fourth and fifth place respectively. The winner of this game will host a playoff game in the wild card round as the fourth seed. Look for both of these teams to play hard in order to bolster their playoff position.

The Mets are a team that seems to have hit their stride of late. After a season of hail marys, missed two points conversions, and four razor thin losses the Mets finally won last week, beating their cross town rivals the Warsaw Eagles 28-6. The Mets offense has been humming as former University of Texas (NCAA D1)  quarterback David Ash has emerged as one of the league’s best passers. The former Longhorn has been able to buy time and find his receivers in stride all season. This week he’ll look to do the same against a physical Krakow defense.

Krakow Kings @ Warsaw Mets, June 20, 14:00 CET (2 pm, 08:00 am ET)

The Mets defense has been held in place by linebacker Zachary Blair. The veteran tackler has been crucial in getting his defense off the field and the ball back in David Ash’s hands. Look for Blair and Mateusz Golos to be key player in slowing down Krakow’s powerful running game.

The Krakow Kings will look to hold on to the fourth playoff seed and ride running back Alonzo Brock to the victory. The former Kentucky State linebacker (NCAA D2) has turned into a powerful running back for the Kings. Brock’s never say die attitude, size (230 pounds), and speed make him a load to tackler as he’s rarely brought down by a single defender. Expect Polish quarterback Filip Moscicki to capitalize off of the strong running game and use play action passes to challenge the Mets defense deep.

The Kings will be aiming to contain a well-executed Mets passing attack. Look for defensive back Marcin Maslon’s play to be crucial in covering Warsaw’s best receivers. At the line of scrimmage expect the Kings physical defense line to be pressuring the Mets quarterback for four quarters.

This game provides fans with two very contrasting styles as the Kings bring a powerful running game to the table, while the Mets pass happy offense has been shredding teams all season. Look for this to be a competitive matchup between two teams with something to prove heading into the playoffs.

Watch the game live here. Krakow Kings @ Warsaw Mets, June 20, 14:00 CET (2 pm, 08:00 am ET)

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