LIVESTREAM: Poland – Krakow Kings @Warsaw Mets, Sunday, April 28, 2p CEDT (8a EDT)

The 1-2 Warsaw Mets will play host to the 2-1 Krakow Kings in Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego Sunday in a game that already has playoff importance for both teams.

Both the Mets and Kings are fourth in their respective divisions with only the second and third place teams qualifying for the wild card playoffs.

The Mets are coming off  a 25-7 loss to the Gdynia Seahawks last week. They had shut out the Lodz Wilki 42-0 after losing their opening game to the Tychy Falcons, 31-13. Krakow downed the Poznan Armia 32-14 to open the season  but were dumped 48-14 by the Wroclaw Panthers in their second outing. They returned to the plus side by beating the Opole Towers 34-19.

Under head coach Matthew Dias, and his quarterback Terrance Owens, the Mets are a bit of a dark horse. Owens led the Gdynia Seahawks to the Polish final in 2016 and is a proven winner. Warsaw has shown they can score points and will get a good chance to do so in this game

For the Kings, who are playing in the top league for the first time, Canadian quarterback Tivon Cook is the key along with Filip Mościcki. The Kings trailed 14-0 in their opening round 32-14 win over the Poznan Armia. But the duo helped engineer 32 second half points in an impressive offensive display.

Watch the game live here. Krakow Kings @Warsaw Mets, Sunday, April 28, 2p CEDT (8a EDT)

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