LIVESTREAM: Poland – Lodz Wilki @Bialystok Lowlanders, Sat. June 1, 7:30p CEDT (1:30p EDT)

The Białystok Lowlanders (5-2) will play host to the 0-7 Lodz Wilki Saturday, June 1 in Białystok in the final weekend of the regular season in Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego. 

The Lowlanders are coming off of four straight wins including a big 22-8 defeat of the Gdynia Seahawks. They then beat the Krakow Kings 37-7 and the Olsztyn Lakers 48-7. Last week they downed the Warsaw Mets 34-6. A win today secures Białystok a first round bye in the playoffs.

Bialystok’s quarterback Rex Dausin has looked impressive in recent games after missing one game earlier in the season with a minor injury. Running back Krzysztof Czaplejewicz (#26) has been a key and is one of the league’s top three rushers. The offense also relies heavily on wide receiver Eryk Mąkowski. The defense is anchored by linebacker Zachary Blair, who can also double as a running back.

Lodz head coach Lonnie Hursey and offensive coordinator Jason Abney, have suffered through a winless season but they have the team going in the right direction according to him:

“We were perhaps a little premature playing in the top league this season, but despite the injuries and setbacks on the field, the morale on the team is high. This team has an incredible appetite for learning. We lost our starting quarterback to a concussion after the last game so we will be putting our tight end behind center. We will be playing without key starters in many spots but this is a learning process, and I am optimistic for the future of this team.”

Watch the game live here. Lodz Wilki @Bialystok Lowlanders, Sat. June 1, 7:30p CEDT (1:30p EDT)

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