LIVESTREAM: Poland – Opole Towers @Olsztyn Lakers, Sunday, April 7, 1p CEDT (7a EDT)

The 1-1 Olsztyn Lakers will play hose to the 0-1 Opole Towers Sunday, April 7 at  Boisko Dajtki field in Olsztyn, Poland in early round action in Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego.

Lakers head coach Gray Levy and his quarterback Andrew Mathews (Friends University) along with linebacker Demetrius Allen opened the season with a 38-35 win over the Wyszkow Rhinos. However, they were surprised last week by the the Zielona Gora Wataha, losing to them 30-14.

The Towers, under head coach Tim Bishop ran into a buzz saw in their opening game of the season facing the Wroclaw Panthers. Wroclaw overwhelmed them 54-7. Quarterback Markus Hodges will have to find a way to regroup his team for the game against the Lakers, who are also out to prove they belong in the top league in Poland.

Watch the game live here. Opole Towers @Olsztyn Lakers, Sunday, April 7, 1p CEDT (7a EDT)

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