LIVESTREAM Poland: Silesia Rebels @ Krakow Kings, May 7, 11:00 CET (11 am, 5 am ET)

The unbeaten Kraków Kings (2-0) will play host to the Silesia Rebels (1-1) Saturday, May 7 as the Polish Football League enters the midpoint of the season.

The Kings have opened the season looking impressive. They whipped the Warsaw Eagles 48-0 and then doubled up on the 2021 finalists, the Bialystok Lowlanders last week, 42-21. Silesia downed the Tychy Falcons 24-7 but then were beaten by the Warsaw Mets 27-20.

Krakow is led by American import quarterback Jake Schimenz, who last week completed 19 of 27 passes for 234 yards along with four touchdowns in the win over Bialystok. The dual threat signal caller also added 82 yards and a pair of touchdowns on the ground. He has an arsenal of weapons including receivers Tomasz Nowak and Jacek Kuśmierczyk. Running backs Witold Szpotanski and Daniel Lazarowicz add to a deadly ground attack.

For the Rebels, quarterback David James has been effective.  The 29-year-old, who was originally supposed to play for the Swarco Raiders in 2020 before the Austrian Football League season was cancelled due to COVID, has excellent targets in Robert Szmielak, Paweł Wojciechowski and Mateusz Szurpicki. Finnish running back Ville Ollonqvist gives the Rebels a solid ground game.

The game is important to both squads. A win for the Kings would leave them unbeaten and clear front runners halfway through a shortened season while Silesia badly needs to keep pace to have a chance for a playoff berth.

Watch the game live here. Silesia Rebels @ Krakow Kings, May 7, 11:00 CET (11 am, 5 am ET)

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