LIVESTREAM Poland: Warsaw Eagles @ Krakow Kings, June 16, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 9 am EDT)

In, possibly, the most anticipated match of the regular season in Poland, the Warsaw Eagles (6-1) will be traveling to Krakow, to face the Kings (6-1) in a rematch of the season opener, a 19-9 Kings victory, in Warsaw.

It’s a scenario that seems like it came directly from Hollywood.

The 28 total points scored is the fewest number of points scored in game, to date, in the entire league. But this was definitely not an indicator of what was to come during the next six games.

Since that season opener, the Eagles have gone on to post a 6-0 record, a span in which their defense surrendered just over 14 points per game, including posting the only shutout of the season, and their offense has averaged 41 points per game.

On the other sideline, the Kings have gone on to a 5-1 record, dropping an OT loss to #3 Bialystok, in week 6. Despite that minor setback, the production of both sides of the ball has been similar to that of their opponents. In weeks 2-7, the Krakow defense has surrendered 18 points per game, and their offense has has scored just short of 37 points per game.

Regardless of the result, both teams will host a semi-final game in two weeks. However, in a game like this, both teams are only worried about the next 48 minutes, and proving that week 1 was an accurate representation or proving it was a fluke. Expect a low-scoring slug fest in Krakow today. The key to this game, is which team’s offense will be able to crack the code to the other’s defense. The team that can do that will finish the season as the top seeded team in the playoffs, and the other will be the second seed heading into the post-season.

Watch live. Warsaw Eagles @ Krakow Kings
June 16, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 9 am EDT)

Gavin coached in all levels of NCAA, before coming to Europe in 2013. Gavin is the founder of 3D Football and is currently the Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator for the Silesia Rebels in Poland's PFL1.