LIVESTREAM: Poland – Warsaw Mets @Gdynia Seahawks, Sun. April 14, 12p CEDT (6a EDT)

The 1-1 Warsaw Mets travel to face the Gdynia Seahawks (1-1) Saturday, April 13 in third round action in Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego.

The Mets are coming off a 42-0 shutout of the Lodz Wilki last week after losing their opening game to the Tychy Falcons, 31-13. Gdynia has won two straight beating the Wilki 62-7 on opening day and then getting by the Falcons 32-27 last week.

Seahawks quarterback Philip Juhlin has looked impressive until the second half of the win over Tychy when the Falcons defense created all kinds of problems in the red zone for Juhlin and the offense. He will be on his game today though and with the mercurial Jakub Mazan in his arsenal, anything can happen. Mazan scored a pair of touchdowns last week, one on a 90 yard return on the opening kickoff. His speed and ability to get behind defenders will cause problems for Warsaw.

Under head coach Matthew Dias, and his quarterback Terrance Owens, the Mets are a bit of a dark horse.  Owens led the Gdynia Seahawks to the Polish final in 2016 and is a proven winner. Warsaw has shown they can score points but in the Seahawks they will be facing the best defense they have so far this year.

Watch the game live here. Warsaw Mets @Gdynia Seahawks, Sun. April 14, 12p CEDT (6a EDT)

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