LIVESTREAM Poland: Warsaw Mets @ Tychy Falcons, May 29, 16:00 CET (4 pm, 10:00 am ET)

The Warsaw Mets (0-3) visit the Tychy Falcons (3-0) in one of two games in the Polish Football League this weekend.

Tychy may come into this game undefeated but not without concerns as the injury bug has hit and new players have been brought in who need to adjust quickly. On the other hand, Warsaw has lost all three of its games by slim margins this season, so expect a competitive game from them again today.

Tychy enters the weekend with a brand new quarterback. After starter Jules St. Ge went down with an injury, the Falcons wasted little time bringing in new signal caller Gabriel Losada. Losada previously played for the Cannes Iron Mask in France and the Osos Rivas of Madrid. He will be replacing a dynamic playmaker in St. Ge who had put up nine total touchdowns in only three games. Expect the Falcons to use talented Polish running back Janek Szwej often as Losada still has some adjusting to do with his new team.

Warsaw Mets @ Tychy Falcons, May 29, 16:00 CET (4 pm, 10:00 am ET)

Losada commented on building chemistry with his new teammates:

“Ever since I stepped on Polish soil, we hit the ground running. there were very few balls on the ground during our first session together with the WR’s. We are already in sync, thanks to our great coaching staff. I feel comfortable and confident here in Tychy.”

Defensively, the strong secondary of Laparish Lewis and company help a defense that has looked like one of the league’s best. On the defensive line, Jacek and Dominik Sikora make life hell for opposing offenses, as the two twin brothers can physically dominate most Polish offensive lines.

Dominik Sikora on the matchup with the Warsaw Mets:

“The Mets are a team that can win and lose with everyone. We have a new quarterback who will help us win this match because, as we think about the championship, we must win. It is a pity that Jules suffered an injury but with this sport there is always that risk.”

Although the Warsaw Mets are winless, it is a deceiving stats as their season has been a story of last second two point conversions and hail marys .Most of their games have been decided by only one score.  After a week off, the rested Mets aim to upset the undefeated Falcons behind an explosive offense that features former University of Texas quarterback David Ash and athletic defensive back turned wide receiver Rufail Khalifa.

Khalifa who typically played defense throughout his long career in Finland has joined the Mets and immediately made an impact as a receiver.

Khalifa on switching teams and positions:

“ It’s a good experience from that point of view that I have chance to play in a different position than what I am used to. It’s challenging to play in a position where I’ve never played, but I can still do it.”

Defensively, the Mets are led by Zachary Blair. The American linebacker has been one Poland’s surest tacklers playing sideline to sideline throughout the season.

Blair commented on preparing for the unknown, as Tychy brings in a new quarterback:

“Honestly it’s very difficult. We haven’t really caught any breaks this year. It’s not normal in football to be half way done with the season and basically have to throw out all the film you have on a team. A new quarterback changes the entire dynamic of an offense. The Falcons are a very good team with a strong O-line. We’ve been in every game this year and we just haven’t learned to finish yet. So hopefully we can get this turned around.”

Fans should expect some mistakes from the Falcons and their offense as they adjust to a new signal caller. The winless Warsaw Mets look to use their new roster moves too pull off the upset and get their first win of the season.

Watch the game live here. Warsaw Mets @ Tychy Falcons, May 29, 16:00 CET (4 pm, 10:00 am ET)

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