LIVESTREAM PPV: Finland – Wasa Royals @Kuopio Steelers, Friday, June 7, 6p (5p CEDT, 11a EDT)

The 1-1 Kuopio Steelers will play host to the 1-1 Wasa Royals as the already impossible-to-predict Maple League in Finland heads into its third weekend of play.

The Steelers opened the season by surprising the reigning champion Helsinki Roosters 57-41, only to then lose to the Porvoo Butchers 27-20. However, they were without their starting quarterback, Seth Peters, which made the loss easier to accept..

The Royals started their season with a convincing 33-12 win over the Butchers, only to fall 28-7 to the Roosters.

Royals quarterback Diondre Borel has only thrown for 233 yards and two touchdowns in the two games, but he has rushed for 159 and another score. French receiver Aymeric Nicault has been his favorite target by far hauling in nine passes for 218 yards. Linebacker Josh Davis is really having an impact already and has 17.5 tackles to his credit in only two games. Teammate Marc Millan is not far behind with 16 making Wasa a tough team to run against.

For Kuopio, Gerard Johnson has been a huge signing. Johnson stepped in at quarterback against the Butchers with Peters out and threw for 135 yards while also rushing for 87 and one touchdown. If Peters returns for this game, he will create problems for the Royals as he was the second leading passer in Finland in 2018. He threw for 219 yards and three touchdowns in the win over Helsinki. If he doesn’t, look for Johnson to play a lot of “Wildcat” formation although he has proven he can throw. And he will have to given the Royals front seven.

This game will depend on whether Peters has returned.

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