LIVESTREAM PPV: Polish PLFA Superfinal – Warsaw Eagles v. Poznan Kozly, July 21, 8p (2p EST)

The Warsaw Eagles and Poznan Kozly square off the in the Polish League of American Football Superfinal, Saturday, July 21.

To reach the final, Warsaw downed the Szczecin Husaria in the semifinals 36-0 while Poznan defeated the Zabki Monarchs 36-15.

The two teams met twice during the regular season with Warsaw winning both games, 22-19 and 31-15.

Players to watch for the Eagles include quarterback Chris Jeffrey (1,102 yds/15 TDs) and Australian running back Jack Marton (584 yds/7 TDs)Łukasz Cackowski leads the team in tackles with 21 while defensive end Wiktor Nowak and linebacker Konrad Filipiak are also key to a defense.which allowed an average of 11.4 points in seven games.

With Euro veteran Charles McCrea in the lineup, Poznan cannot be counted out. McCrea arrived in Poznan in time to play in the final regular season game and in the semifinal game. Rushing for four touchdowns in the first game, he helped Poznan defeat the Zabki Monarchs to reach the semifinals. They then faced the same Monarchs team in the playoffs and beat them 35-15.

Poznan quarterbacks Patryk Barczak and Gunter Krotsch have thrown for 1,074 yards with Wojciech Perz and Mateusz Patalas as their main targets. Łukasz Lau and Damian Łuc are the leading tacklers on defense . In seven games played the Poznan defense has given up an average of just 18.4 points a game.

Although Warsaw enters the game as favorites, Poznan could surprise and win their first ever PLFA title.

The last time Warsaw won the championship was 2008 so head coach Kirk Mastromatteo will no doubt have his troops motivated:

“The Warsaw Eagles are excited to get the opportunity to play in this SuperFinal and have worked hard to get here. We have have played Kozly twice before this season, but all they do is get better, and they have added an explosive import in Charles McCrea who is a game changer. We have to be about our business today.Playing fast and playing violent. This should be a very competitive game for the PLFA and our fans.”

Watch the game live here. PPV – Warsaw Eagles v. Poznan Kozly, July 21, 8p (2p EST)

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