LIVESTREAM: Pro-Cloud Transatlantic Trophy – Women’s challenge – New York Sharks @Birmingham Lions, 2:30p (3:30p CET, 9:30a ET)

The New York Sharks (1-0) women’s tackle football team has traveled to Birmingham, England to participate in the inaugural and pioneering Pro-Cloud Transatlantic Trophy tournament and on the final day of the three-team international event, will take on the Birmingham Lions (0-1).

The three-day tournament also featured Finland’s Helsinki Wolverines, champions of the Finnish league, in a round robin format.

The Sharks defeated the Wolverines 27-14 to open the tournament while Helsinki gained some revenge by beating Birmingham 39-8.

The Pro Cloud Transatlantic Trophy is groundbreaking achievement for the Lions, considered to be the premier Britain’s premier women’s American football program.

The Birmingham Lions have established themselves is the top club in Great Britain and have never lost a game to a domestic team.

The tournament follows on from the success of the Lions in the Helsinki-hosted Diamond Bowl earlier this year, where the Lions went undefeated in their first eleven-a-side international club tournament.

The New York Sharks are a women’s American Football team playing out of New York City. They are currently a member of the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) and are the longest running and winningest team in women’s football history with the honor of having a signed football in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Helsinki Wolverines women’s team was only established in 2014, but they’ve quickly risen to prominence in the Finnish game. They currently boast two squads that play both in both tiers of the game, and a Finnish Championship earlier this year going unbeaten in the process.

Watch the game live here.  New York Sharks @Birmingham Lions, 2:30p (3:30p CET, 9:30a ET)

Source: Double Coverage.

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