LIVE STREAM: Pro Hunt @ Team Serbia – Sunday Oct 29, 3p CEST (10a EDT)

Team Serbia will play host to the newly-formed Pro Hunt Athletes team Sunday, Oct. 29 at Bask Stadion in Belgrade in the first of two international games for the Serbians. Serbia is also scheduled to play Turkey Nov. 4 in Serbia.

The last time Serbia played an international friendly was a year ago when they dropped a 17-14 decision to Team Italy.

While not a national team, Pro Hunt is a recruiting agency helping coaches and athletes from the United States and many other countries find teams in Europe and was founded by Darrell Tate, a veteran of European American football. Tate spoke with Touchdown-Europe:

“Our team consists of a dynamic variety of athletes with different backgrounds. I should tell you that all Pro Hunt athletes have been verified via our registration process which involves a tedious analysis of their character via online interviews. We take pride in finding humble athletes who are able to be true ambassadors for the teams they sign to. We seek to provide help to a large variety of teams, down to underdeveloped start-ups, all the way to prominent teams within the highest level.

I have decided to limit our roster at only 30 players to ensure that they get lots of playing time. Exposure is a must! Just to make sure they don’t get tired, there will be heavy rotation.

One thing that all of our athletes have in common is that they want exposure. As you may already know, Serbia has very experienced athletes within the football world. Many of whom are already members of top leagues such as GFL and AFL. The is a great opportunity for our athletes to be seen in hopes of moving themselves into better opportunities within football regardless of their experience. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity for Serbia to compete against a highly competitive opponent, besides their most previous opponents (Hungary and Italy).”

The Pro Hunt team will feature Steadman Bell from Langston University at quarterback while Darryl Tate will start at running back while also coaching the offense.

Team Serbia head coach Vladislav Petkovic from the Novi Sad Dukes has assembled a 49 man roster in preparation for this game and a game the following week against Turkey.

“The most important thing to expect is that nobody gets hurt because the result is not in the foreground. It would certainly be nice to win. Some players of the “Pro Hunt” team are familiar to us, although most of them are unknown so we know almost nothing about them.”

Team Serbia

Quarterbacks: Mladen Zlatic (Belgrade Blue Dragons) David Lukic Hanomihl, and Aleksa Djokic (Kragujevac Wild Boars).

Running backs: Filip Vlajic, Zeljko Kostic, Mihajlo Novakovic, Aleksandar Bogdanovic

Tight ends: Zeljko Novak, Milan Jeftić

Wide Receivers: Stefan Borković, Bogdan Pavlović, Dejan Jašćur, Miloš Kolibar, Milan Nikolić, Tihomir Todorov

Offensive line: Aleksandar Blažić, Vladimir Ikraš, Stefan Drecun, Miljan Džogazović, Ćiro Jordanov, Nemanja Graovac, Branko Mutić, Luka Škorić

Defensive line: Aleksandar Doder, Miloš Lišanin, Nebojša Mirković, Danilo Mijušković, Milorad Novaković, Igor Timotijević, Nikola Savić

Defensive backs: Marko Bates, Luka Beljanski, Aleksa Denovic, Tiodor Grujovic, Aleksandar Borkovic, Marko Milovanovic, Aleksa Miskovic, Djordje Petrovic, Nemanja Vuckovic, Goran Zec

Linebackers: Uroš Kolaković, Mihajlo Josović, Luka Vujnović, Aleksandar Jovanović, Ivan Krković, Danijel Maksimović, Lazar Bogićević

Kicker/punter: Darko Klasan, Vladimir Dimitrijevic

Pro Hunt

Quarterback:  #5 QB Steadman Bell🇺🇸

Running backs: #39 FB/DE David Mattea 🇩🇪,  #24 RB/LB Darrell Tate🇺🇸,  #22 RB/WR Triston McCathern🇺🇸, #3 RB Tyree Caesar🇺🇸, #31 RB/LB Joel Lay🇺🇸

Offensive line:  #71 OL Tim Hirsch🇩🇪, #60 OL Lukas Huber🇩🇪, #57 OL Dominik Zielewski🇵🇱, #72 OL Krzysztof Zawadzki🇵🇱, #70 OL Robert Roth🇷🇴, #77 OL Nicu Triffan🇷🇴

Tight ends: #80 TE/DE Marco Brown🇺🇸, #92 TE/DE Jason South🇨🇦

Wide receivers: #1 WR Timothy Moore Jr.🇺🇸, #13 WR LaMarco Crawford🇺🇸, #14 Garrett Lasley🇺🇸

Defensive line/linebackers: #2 DL/LB Chris Murray 🇺🇸, #99 DL Szasz Csaba🇭🇺,  #49 LB Miles Oney🇺🇸, LB Jason Concepcion 🇺🇸🇩🇪

Defensive backs: #7 DB Dre Hall🇺🇸, #23 Lee Edwards III🇺🇸

Punter/kicker:  #9 P/K Luca Zigliani 🇮🇹

For more information on Pro Hunt, visit the website at

Watch the game live here.

Pro Hunt @Team Serbia, Sunday Oct, 29 3 p CEST (10a EDT)

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