LIVESTREAM Romania: Cluj Crusaders @ Mures Monsters, Oct. 1, 11:00 CET (11 am, 5 am EDT)

By Henry Páll Wulff

Romanian Football League finalists in 2022, the Mures Monsters, will kick off their season Sunday, October 1 when they host the Cluj Crusaders at home.

After the opening game last week, in which the Bucharest Rebels, as expected, defeated the Resita Locomotives, the Monsters now want to follow suit.

After the departure of a number of players at the end of last season, the hard core of the Monsters has been strengthened with a few rookies and now has to prove that they have grown together into a team. Not only will the veterans, including center Attila Nagy, left guard Laszlo Gal and linebacker Mihai Mocanu help, but also multi-talented Jermiah Jackson, who was a cornerstone of success last season will be a difference maker. In addition, the Monsters have secured further reinforcements for both offense and defense.

Newly arrived quarterback Shakeem Mack is excited for the season:

“The expectation is to win a championship. We’ve been there too many times and haven’t won it yet.”

Mack was named offensive player of the year in the Egyptian National Football League playing for the Eagles Athletic Club in Cairo and would now like to continue this in Romania.

On defense, the Monsters have added linebacker Dylan Pettway, who comes directly from Texas Wesleyan University.

The Crusaders, who finished third in the RFL in 2022, enter the game with Turdean Paul Dragoș at quarterback.

Cluj Crusaders @ Mures Monsters

Oct. 1, 11:00 CET (11 am, 5 am EDT)

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