LIVESTREAM: Showdown in Brazil – Vila Velha Tritões @Botafogo Reptiles Sat. Sept. 30 2p (1p EDT, 7p CEST)

In a matchup that has two separate story lines, the 3-1 Vila Velha Tritões travel to Rio de Janeiro to take on the Botofogo Reptiles (3-1) in the last game of the regular season in Brazil’s BFA league.

The Tritões, who already qualified for the playoffs, are playing for the division championship and a 1st round home playoff game while the Reptiles need a win to make the playoffs.

If they win they will finish second in the division and will travel to Sada in two weeks. But if they lose, the Lusa Lions who the Tritões beat in an over time thriller, will take second in the division and travel to Sada in two weeks.

This game is important for both teams to win and has huge playoff ramifications.

Watch the game live here. 

The game will go live just before the scheduled kickoff.

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