LIVESTREAM: Spain – Game of the Week – Badalona Dracs @Osos Rivas, Sat. Feb. 29, 4p CET (10a ET)

The Badalona Dracs (4-0) travel to Madrid, Spain Saturday, February 29 to take on the Osos Rivas (3-1) in the Spanish League of American Football’s Game of the Week.

The two teams faced each other in the opening game of the Spanish season with Badalona prevailing 10-7.

Since then, Osos have reeled off three straight wins after downing the Gion Mariners 46-20 in their last outing. They had blanked the Zaragoza Hurricanes in early February 34-0 and overwhelmed the L’Hospitalet Pioners 49-28 the week before that.

The Dracs have begun to flex their muscles and beat the Gion Mariners 55-21 two weeks ago after pummelling the Zaragoza Hurricanes 52-14 before that. Badalona defeated the L’Hospitalet Pioners 40-21 in early February.

Osos Rivas quarterback Kevin Burke has been fine form throwing 15 touchdown passes so far in four games, including five in the win over Gion, three to Guatemalan receiver David Giron and two to Mario Flores. Against the Hurricanes, he tossed four touchdown passes, two to Girón and two to Flores. In the win over the Pioners, Burke had an aerial free for all, throwing seven touchdown passes, six of them to Girón who had just joined the team. Flores hauled in touchdown pass number seven in that game.

Osos head coach Jesus Sanchez has added to his arsenal with the addition of Austrian wide receiver Clemens Erlsbacher.

Dracs new quarterback Anthony Gardner, a veteran of European football and a prolific passer, tossed four touchdown passes in beating the Mariners and had six touchdown passes in the win over the Hurricanes, making it 16 in total in the three games he has played. Marquese Surrell has caught seven of those while Niko Lester has hauled in six. Running back Jagoba López gives Badalona a potent rushing game and scored two touchdowns against Gion.

This will definitely be the game to watch in Europe this weekend with two aerial powerhouses going at it.

Watch the game live here. Badalona Dracs @Osos Rivas, Sat. Feb. 29, 4p CET (10a ET)

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