LIVESTREAM: Spain – Gijon Mariners @L’Hospitalet Pioners, Sunday, March 1, 1p CET (6a ET)

The 2-2 L’Hospitalet Pioners will play host to the 0-4 Gijon Mariners Sunday, March 1 as the Spanish League of American Football winds up its fifth round of play.

The Pioners are coming off a 53-0 pasting of the Zaragoza Hurricanes, a win they sorely needed after back-to-back losses to the Badalona Dracs, 40-21, and Osos Rivas of Madrid, 49-28. L’Hospitalet had opened the season by beating the Mariners in Gijon, 29-20. Following that opening day loss to the Pioners, Gijon dropped a close 8-6 decision to the Hurricanes and then lost 46-20 to Osos Rivas and 55-21 to the Dracs.

This game will not be any easier for the Mariners.

The six-time Spanish champion Pioners, led by head coach Bart Iaccarino, rely on quarterback Joey Bradley who threw five touchdown passes in the win over the Hurricanes. Bradley is a proven winner having captured two Portuguese titles with the Lisboa Devils. Canadian WR Kaeden Walls, as well as defensive lineman Danilo del Pretel, have all contributed to a fast-improving Pioners squad.

Mariners head coach Daniel Castañón, persists in using an all Spanish lineup which includes the club’s junior players who have graduated to the men’s team. Although his team remaining the underdog today, they had the lead against the Pioners late in the fourth quarter before a rally with under four minutes left saved the day for L’Hospitalet.

Watch the game live here. Gijon Mariners @L’Hospitalet Pioners, Sunday, March 1, 1p CET (6a ET)

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