LIVESTREAM Spain: L’Hospitalet Pioners @ Mallorca Voltors, Jan. 28, 12:00 CET (12 noon, 6 am ET)

The Mallorca Voltors (1-0) play host to the L’Hospitalet Pioners (2-0) Sunday, January 28  in this Eastern Conference LNFA Serie A matchup as Spain’s top league winds up its third weekend of action.

The two teams met twice in 2023 with the Voltors coming out on top both times, 20-12 and 21-14. And with both undefeated so far this season expect another close game.

The Voltors downed the Barcelona Pagesos 12-0 in their opening game while L’Hospitalet had a similar result, beating the Pagesos 17-0 last week after opening the season with a tight 13-12 win over the Zaragoza Hurricanes.

The Voltors will be led by Montclair State University quarterback Zahir Wilder who has Santiago Gonzales as a key target. Some key Spanish players include backup quarterback Tolo Flaquer and defensive back Mattias Rojas.

The Pioners rely on quarterback Robert Carter  and running back Silver Salazar. Belgian running back Thomas Davies also adds offensive firepower. On defense, Brazilian linebacker Victor Villaca and British defensive lineman Peter Vincent give L’Hospitalet a solid front seven while defensive back Dani Belso provides veteran experience in the secondary.

This is a key matchup as the winner of this game will find themselves in first place in the LNFA East. 

L’Hospitalet Pioners @ Mallorca Voltors
Jan. 28, 12:00 CET (12 noon, 6 am ET)

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