LIVESTREAM Spain: L’Hospitalet Pioners @ Zaragoza Hurricanes, Feb. 24, 16:00 CET (4 pm, 10 am ET)

The L’Hospitalet Pioners (1-3) take the three hour trip to Zaragoza to face the Zaragoza Hurricanes (3-1) in a key matchup in Spain’s Liga Nacional de Fútbol Americano Saturday, February 24.

The Pioners had beaten Zaragoza 13-12 in their first meeting earlier in the season but were stripped of the win by the FEFA Single Judge of Competition and Sports Discipline due to “improper alignment”,

The Hurricanes are coming off their second straight win of the season after they defeated the Mallorca Voltors 35-19. They had downed the Barcelona Pagesos 19-7 two weeks before after one of their opening games losing to the Badalona Dracs 49-17. They had lost to the Pioners but were awarded the win. L’Hospitalet on the other hand has lost two in a row after losing a tough 34-28 decision to the Badalona Dracs and being beaten 13-7 by Mallorca. They opened the season by beating the Hurricanes 13-12 but were stripped of the victory and the Pagesos 17-0.

Zaragoza enters this game relying on Mexican quarterback  Edgar Ulloa who threw five touchdown passes in the win over Mallorca. Luis Sánchez (2 TD), Aaron David (2 TD) and Sergio Montanera all found the end zone. Defensively, the Hurricanes rely on former ELF linebacker Daniel Monfared.

The Pioners have received reinforcements from Mexico in the brothers Garcia. Alex Garcia stepped in as quarterback and threw four touchdown passes last week and pushed the Badalona Dracs to the limit in the 34-28 loss. Luis Enrique Garcia caught two of those passes. The other receivers including Dani Belso (who plays both ways) and Pablo Elena along with running backs Silver Salazar and Thomas Davies from Belgium now make L’Hospitalet a contender. On defense, Brazilian linebacker Victor Villaca and British defensive lineman Peter Vincent give L’Hospitalet a solid front seven while Belso provides veteran experience in the secondary.

This game is a toss up with both teams looking impressive in their last outings.

Watch the game live here. L’Hospitalet Pioners @ Zaragoza Hurricanes, Feb. 24, 16:00 CET (4 pm, 10 am ET).

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