LIVESTREAM Spain: Mallorca Voltors @ Zaragoza Hurricanes, Feb. 18, 12:00 CET (12 noon, 6 am ET)

The Mallorca Voltors (2-1) travel from their island home to Zaragoza to face the Zaragoza Hurricanes (1-2) in a key matchup in the Spanish League of Football’s Eastern conference.

The Hurricanes are coming off their first win of the season after they downed the Barcelona Pagesos 19-7.They had dropped their opening two games losing to the Badalona Dracs 49-17 after a tough 13-12 loss to the L’Hospitalet Pioners to open the season. Mallorca on the other hand defeated both the Pagesos (12-0) and the L’Hospitalet Pioners (13-7) before also succumbing to the Dracs 54-9.

These two teams faced each other twice in 2023 with Mallorca winning the first contest 3-0 and Zaragoza taking the second late in the year, 29-7.

Zaragoza enters this game relying on a mostly Spanish roster and will be looking to key Spanish talents in wide receive Aaron David as well as Jamie Pomar and ELF veteran offensive lineman Gabriel Rodriguez. Former ELF linebacker Daniel Monfared is important on defense.

For Mallorca, quarterback Zahir Wilder (Montclair State) is the key. He threw two touchdown passes in the win over the Pioners, one to Santiago González and the other to Jonathan Chele.

This game is a toss up. Zaragoza, located north of Madrid, has the home field edge as the Voltors have to travel from their island home. Add to this the fact that the Voltors have not beaten the Hurricanes in Zaragoza since 2019 and the odds would seem to be in the Hurricanes favor.

Watch live here. Mallorca Voltors @ Zaragoza Hurricanes, Feb. 18, 12:00 CET (12 noon, 6 am ET)

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