LIVESTREAM Spain: Murcia Cobras @ Badalona Dracs, March 13, 16:00 CET (10:00 am ET)

This weekend the Badalona Dracs (4-1) will host the Murcia Cobras (0-5) in a rematch of last week as the Spanish League of American Football heads into its third last weekend of regular season action.

The Murcia Cobras are hoping to make this game more competitive after losing last week to the Dracs 42-6 in Murcia.

Murcia Cobras @ Badalona Dracs, March 13, 16:00 CET (10:00 am ET)

Badalona burned the Murcia defense with a potent passing game that featured Austrian receiver Dario Dobrolevski and now starting quarterback Sergi Gonzalo. The home grown duo of quarterback Sergi Gonzalo and running back Edu Morlans was in sync last week as the Dracs marched up and down the field all day. Gonzalo, a Dracs veteran, is excited to have the reins handed to him after sharing playing time with American Cory Bennedetto all season.

“It was an amazing feeling. I love playing football, especially as a QB. Our offense improved so much during las week and we have much more confidence on it. We just played as coach wanted us to and this translates into offensive production. Defense also played awesome too.”

Defensively, the dangerous combination of the Dracs fierce pass rush and athletic secondary forced Cobras quarterback Robert Cuda to spend a lot of time running around buying time and forcing passes. The Dracs ended the game with two interceptions, one each by Pol Cunillera and Niko Lester.

The Cobras will need to force interceptions in order to slow down a Dracs offense that was in rhythm one week ago. Offensively, the brilliant performance of Cobras running back Antoni Monton stood out from the rest. The stocky back was a one-man wrecking ball, trucking defenders and churning his legs for extra yards. Monton ended the game with 106 rushing yards and 23 yards receiving. Look for Cuda to involve Monton more in the passing game this weekend.

Defensively, the Cobras will need to build on the two sacks they had last week to stop the Dracs passing game.

Murcia’s two-way lineman Deon Mutsvanemoto on the rematch:

“We managed to drive the ball in various periods of the game last week, this week it’s about putting it all together to get in the end zone more times.”

Murcia showed a lot of heart competing to the end of the game last week. That sort of competitive fire should help if the Cobras are going to make the game closer this week in Badalona. Still, look for Sergi Gonzalo and the Dracs offense to put on a show once more.

Watch the game live here. Murcia Cobras @ Badalona Dracs, March 13, 16:00 CET (10:00 am ET)

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