LIVESTREAM Spain: Osos Rivas @ Las Rozas Black Demons, Jan. 22, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11:00 am ET)

The Las Rozas Black Demons (0-1) will play host to Madrid’s Osos Rivas, Saturday, January 22 as Spain’s National League of American Football (LNFA) heads into its second weekend of play.

The Black Demons are coming off a tough 17-13 loss at the hands of the Murcia Cobras while Osos Rivas downed the Gijon Mariners 34-17 last week following a second half points explosion.

For the Black Demons, who are playing with an all-Spanish roster, the key is quarterback David de Diego who threw two touchdown passes last week, one to Alejandro García and the other to Jesús Pérez. Other key players to watch for in head coach Jake Hale’s squad include running back Daniel Romero, as well as safeties Hugo Mínguez and Pau de Diego.

Osos head coach Ricardo Martin has assembled an impressive roster starting with Mexican quarterback Sergio Barbero who threw two touchdown passes last week. His targets include Japanese (IBM Blig Blue) wideout Atsushi Uehiro who caught one of the touchdown passes last week along with Spaniard Alejandro Tizón. Versatile receiver David Giron is a savvy veteran and also scored a touchdown last week, but on the ground. Add Herber Gamboa (University of Montana) who doubles as a running back and linebacker and former Barcelona Dragons offensive lineman Celestin Ngimbi along with running back Adrián Jiménez and wideout Ivan Iordanov and you have a formidable lineup.

This could be a tough assignment for the Black Demons but playing at home will give them an advantage.

Watch the game live here. Kickoff is Saturday, January 22 at 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11 am ET)

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