LIVESTREAM: Spain – Zaragoza Hurricanes @Osos Rivas, Sat. Feb 1, 4p CET (10a ET)

Madrid’s Osos Rias (1-1) will play host to the 1-0 Zaragoza Hurricanes as the Spanish League of American Football heads into its third weekend of play, Saturday, February 1.

Osos are coming off a nice 49-28 win over the L’Hospitalet Pioners two weeks ago after dropping their opener to the Badalona Dracs 10-7. Meanwhile, Zaragoza got by the Gijon Mariners 8-6 to open their season.

Osos Rivas quarterback Kevin Burke was in fine form in the win over the Pioners tossing seven touchdown passes, six of them to Guatamalen receiver  David Girón who had just joined the team. Mario Flores hauled in touchdown pass number seven.

The key to the Hurricanes offense is Mexican quarterback Alan Macedo who threw the winning touchdown pass in the victory over Gijon to Daniel Falcón late in the third quarter.

Expect Burke, who has won a world title and an Austrian championship to start to find his championship form in this game as he gets in tune with his receivers. The Zaragoza secondary will be put under pressure today.

Watch the game live here. Zaragoza Hurricanes @Osos Rivas, Sat. Feb 1, 4p CET (10a ET)

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