LIVESTREAM Sportmonda Bowl VII: International flag football tournament heading into playoff Sunday, August 8, 09:00 CET (9 am, 03:00 am ET)

By Jimmy Holmberg

Day 1 of Sportmonda Bowl VII saw some amazing flag football that left us with two undefeated records at the end of the day. But more about that later on. There is no secret that the international flag football scene has been starved for good tournaments and as a result, the Sportmonda Bowl has been heavily anticipated. Even though the tournament saw a few late withdrawals, maing from the UK, it still is considered a high-quality event.

Photo: Markus Agebrink


The Danish team, the Armadillos, seem unstoppable although their Danish rivals, the Rebels, came close with a final score of 27-26. But behind them, only one of the eight teams has been eliminated from semifinal contention. Whoever makes the playoffs has a chance to take home the trophy because the results of the first day show that any of the remaining teams have the ability to beat any other team with the 2×15 minute halves and a running clock putting a lot of focus on a team having the final possession.

Photo: Markus Agebrink


What can you say about the Amazing Austrian Amazons? They are amazing! With a record of 5-0, they seem unstoppable. With two games left to play on Sunday, they have already booked a place in the semi-finals and will most likely be joined by JFL Europe, Dolphins, and the Spaniards. The only thing stopping that from happening is if Sthlm Most Wanted gets a win against JFL Europe. But in the playoffs, anything can happen.

Photo: Markus Agebrink


The Leisure Division featured teams from Denmark and Sweden with four of the teams finishing the day with 3-1 records – the Phoenix and the Saints from Sweden as well as Denmark’s Foxes and the Valby Royals, who are the tournament organizers. However, with one game left in the round-robin left on Sunday and eight teams making the playoffs, there is still plenty to play for.

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