LIVESTREAM Sul Americano: Team Colombia @ Team Brazil, Dec. 1, 22:00 CET (10 pm, 4 pm ET)

The host country, Brazil, plays its first game of the trination Sul Americano tournament, sanctioned by IFAF, when the Brazilian Onças face Team Colombia, Friday, December 1.

Colombia is coming off an impressive 29-0 victory over Team Chile.

Nevertheless, Brazil are the heavy favorites with an extensive background in international play and hundreds of teams from which to choose players. In Colombia, only 16 teams play in the top league. Still, the Colombians’ win over Chile while a surprise, was important and could lead to better focus in the matchup against the host team.

The Brazilian national team has not played a game since 2017 when they blanked Argentina 38-0.

Watch live. Team Brazil vs Team Colombia, Dec. 1, 22:00 CET (10 pm, 4 pm ET)

Colombia’s head coach Renzo Devia:

“We are focused on beating Brazil. But the point is how the game will be. Because if we can compete with Brazil, if we can compete, it means we can play in a World Cup. If the difference is big, it means we have to work a lot harder.”

The Brazilian players were caught by surprise by Colombia’s victory. Veteran Álvaro Fadini:
“To be honest, based on the material they have on the internet, I thought Chile would win. They seem better structured, what you can see from their League, from the structure they have in the games, I thought Chile would win. So for me, it was a surprise. I didn’t think Colombia would dominate Chile.”
The tournament winds up Saturday, December 2 with the game between Brazil and Chile.

Watch live. Team Brazil vs Team Colombia, Dec. 1, 22:00 CET (10 pm, 4 pm ET)

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