LIVESTREAM Sweden PPV: Limhamn Griffins @ Kristianstad Predators, June 8, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 9 am EDT)

In a critical matchup for both teams, the Limhamn Griffins (1-5) take on the Kristianstad Predators (1-5) in Kristianstad with a possible playoff berth in the Swedish Superserien up for grabs.

This is the first meeting between these two teams this season and it may be the most important game of the season for both.

They have both had a rough road so far though.

Kristianstad fell two weeks ago to the Tyresö Royal Crowns 32-13. They had lost to the Örebro Black Knights 48-2 after dropping a 35-28 decision to the Oslo Vikings the week before. They were beaten by the Stockholm Mean Machines 41-18 prior to that. They earned their first win of the season, 21-20 against AIK Stockholm. The Predators had suffered a tough opening day loss in their first game back in Sweden’s top league since 2015, when they were trounced by the Carlstad Crusaders 42-6.

Watch live PPV. Limhamn Griffins @ Kristianstad Predators, June 8, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 9 am EDT)

The Griffins are coming off a a tough 39-0 shutout loss to the Oslo Vikings after being thrashed 52-21 at the hands of the Carlstad Crusaders. They were beaten 44-14 by the Stockholm Mean Machines to start the season but then stunned the league with a solid 31-23 win over the Örebro Black Knights. They suffered their second loss of the year after being defeated 15-8 by AIK. They then were blanked 35-0 by the Tyresö Royal Crowns before the loss to Carlstad.

The playoff picture for the bottom four teams in the league is complex with six of the eight teams making the post season. The top two teams earn a bye into the semifinal round while teams 3-6 play a Wild Card round. The other key playoff game today among the bottom four is between the Oslo Vikings and AIK.

The winner of the Oslo-AIK game moves on. However, if Oslo loses, and Kristianstad beats Limhamn, AIK, Oslo and Kristianstad all finish with a record of 2-5, or four points. Then it’s the points for and against between the three that determines which two of the three advances. In that case, Oslo is +7, AIK -1 and Kristianstad -6 before the game between Oslo and AIK. If AIK wins by a margin of one to three points over Oslo then both teams advanct but Oslo finishes one spot ahead of AIK in the standings. If AIK wins by four points, both teams finish with the same number of points and Oslo still finishes ahead based on the total points difference. If AIK wins by between five and 13 points, AIK finishes fifth and Oslo sixth. If AIK wins by 14 points or more, Oslo misses the playoffs and Kristianstad grabs the final playoff berth provided they have beaten Limhamn. Now if Limhamn beats Kristianstad and Oslo defeats AIK, Limhamn moves on. In the event that AIK and Limhamn win their games, AIK, Oslo and Limhamn are all tied with four points eachand then again, the points differential between the three teams is the determining factor. AIK is +4 in the games between the three and Oslo +2 while Limhamn is 0 which means that AIK would leapfrog Oslo in the standings and Limhamn would miss the playoffs.

With so much at stake, this will be a game to watch.

Watch live PPV. Limhamn Griffins @ Kristianstad Predators, June 8, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 9 am EDT)

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