LIVESTREAM: Team Israel @ Team Hungary, September 12, 16.00 CET (4 pm, 10:00 am ET)

Unbeaten Team Hungary can secure its top spot in the IFAF Group B European Championships when they face Team Israel Sunday, September 12 at home in  Székesfehérvár, Hungary.

A win would advance Team Hungary up to the top group of European national teams.

It has been two years since Hungary last took the field when they defeated Team Belgium 31-7 in Beringen. Before that, Vilmos Grátz’s team defeated Spain 24-7 in Budapest putting them into a good position in the standings.

Team Hungary in action against Spain

Hungary began its preparation in the middle of August with a training camp at Székesfehérvár. Since then the Hungarian American Football Federation already revealed the 45-man roster which is based mainly on the team that defeated Spain and Belgium. However, there were some changes since a lot of players retired. Thus, a lot of young rookies might debut on Sunday.

Team Israel @ Team Hungary, September 12, 16.00 CET (4 pm, 10:00 am ET)

Vilmos Grátz, head coach of the Hungarian National Team:

“We did not have too much information on the Israeli team, but we were able to prepare as properly as possible. The most biggest question is whether the players are prepared physically, or not. However, the supporters are a motivating factor for the team. I hope, they can help the guys win this game” – 

Team Israel lost to Belgium 32-23.

The Israeli National Team started its preparations for this game back in July. However, they were expected to play against Spain in August but IFAF postponed it because of the pandemic. Israel has a win, defeating Turkey 27-22, and one loss, a 32-23 defeat at the hands of Belgium. Another victory would open up the race again for the top spot in Group B. The Israeli roster is also based on the team that played against the Turkish National team and the Barbarians with smaller modifications.

Dr. Jay Hoffman, head coach of the Israeli National Team:

“Hungary is the class of this division and will require tremendous effort. We are looking forward to this opportunity” – 

One of the other teams in the IFAF European Championship Group B, Belgium, has withdrawn. IFAF has still not announced how Belgium will be punished and what will happen with the results of the games they have played.

Watch the game live here. Israel @ Hungary, September 12, 16.00 CET (4 pm, 10:00 am ET).

Team Hungary roster

Team Israel roster


László Makranczi is a radio reporter, announcer and American Football journalist in Hungary. He lives in Debrecen and works for the Hungarian American Football Federation. Studied at the University of Debrecen, got a master’s degree in American