LIVESTREAM: Timbo Rex v. Parana HP

Undefeated of 2017 will face this Sunday with transmission from the oval office

On This Sunday (23) two state champions enter the field for important departure within the south conference. The T-Rex gets the Paraná HP Futebol Americano at Complexo Esportivo Timbo for his first match in Brazil Football (Bfa). For HP will be the second duel of the regular season, the paranaenses come from victory against the Brown Spiders Futebol Americano . The match will have broadcast from Salão Oval through our facebook page.

The importance of the game goes far beyond the match valid for the regular season, but also because it is two teams that are still undefeated in the year 2017. the paraná hp arrives excited for the match, with the invicta conquest of the campeonato paranaense and the Good debut against brown spiders.

” HP is different than the hp of other years. It’s a completely remodeled team that’s still in development. Rex is a very physical and well-crafted team by coach amadeo. Surely it will be a well-studied and fun game to watch “, said Carlos Copi Jr., head coach of paraná hp

Rex also comes with morale for the weekend’s departure. The team did not lose 13 games, with their final defeat at the premiere of the team in the National League of last year against the.

” our ideology is that the next game is the most important. It’s like a ladder, you don’t look too high because the walk is long and you can get scared and also don’t look down so you don’t get dizzy and fall. It will be a very important game to nivelarmos even the state championships of paraná and Santa Catarina. Paraná hp is a very physical, intelligent and dangerous team. The team paranaense knows very well to use their pieces “, stated Bruno Takahashi, CEO of timbó rex

Even knowing the potential that a victory may have to influence positively during the regular season, the technical commission paranaense knows that the timboenses are the team to be beaten within the competition.

” while rex is in the competition he will be the favorite, the team being beaten. They are probably the most constant and successful team of the last 4 years; they are doing a very good job and will still generate future fruit. A defeat at this initial moment of competition is not able to diminish the potential of any team “, said Carlos Copi, head coach of paraná hp

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Duel: Timbó Rex x paraná hp
Where? Complexo Esportivo Timbo-Timbó / SC

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