LIVESTREAM: Women’s Football: Honduras @Leonas de Yucatán, Mexico Sat. Oct. 14 7p (8p EDT, 2a Oct. 15 CEST)

The Honduras national women’s Arena 8 team will be facing Mexico’s Leonas de Yucatán in the TAZÓN INDEPENDENCIA Saturday, October 14 in Yucatán, Mexico.

Playing eight man football, Team Honduras, with players selected from the Liga de Football Americano Femenina de Honduras (LFAFH) under the banner of the Federacion Nacional de Football Americano de Honduras (FENAFAH), will be playing in its first national team game outside of its own borders.

The Hondurans are taking on a Mexican squad that plays in the Asociacion de Futbol Americano y Football Flag de Yucatán (AFAFFY).

The Leonas de Yucatán played in two championship seasons this year that belong to the league Organizacion de Futbol Americano de Sureste (OFASE). Season one reigned champions and season two as subchampions.

Watch the game live here. Kickoff: Saturday, October 14 7p (8p EDT, 2a Oct. 15 CEST)


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