LIVSTREAM: Brazil – Belo Horizonte Galo FA @Ribeirao Preto Challengers, Sat. Aug. 10, 3p (2p EDT, 8p CEDT)

The Belo Horizonte Galo FA (1-0) travel the 320 miles to Ribeirao Preto, 200 miles northwest of Sao Paolo, Brazil to face the Ribeirao Preto Challengers (1-0) as the Brazilian Superliga heads into its third week of action.

The Challengers defeated the Sao Paulo Storm 23-15 to open the season while Galo downed the Vila Velha Tritoes 29-6.

The Galo enter the game on a 37 games winning streak stretching back three years. With offensive coordinator Marcus Herford (Milano Seamen) directing the offense for the second game, look for new starting quarterback Yaggo Brito to have a breakout game.

Needless to say, Brito is excited:

“I can’t deny that I’m living a dream. It is certainly an honor and a huge responsibility to know that I was chosen to replace [legendary] Alvaro. I am very nervous but excited. I know it won’t be easy, but Galo, which is already the best football club in Brazil, today has an excellent coaching staff. The coaches make us feel like we are in the homeland of football, literally. The structure they have here allows the athlete to really improve their onfield performance and  so we have so many established names on our team. This game will be a milestone for me and the entire squad.”

Brito will have  running back Parris Lee (Georgia State), hero of the 2018 title game after scoring two touchdowns, in the backfield as well as wide receiver Victor Hugo. Defensively, the team from  Minas Gerais province will rely on safety Michael James and defensive end Tulio Lucas.

For the Challengers, quarterback Wallace Silva will be making his second start and will have wide receiver Diego Bam Bam to throw to. On defense, linebacker Diego Sanchez is the anchor of the front seven.

Watch the game live here. Belo Horizonte Galo FA @Ribeirao Preto Challengers, Sat. Aug. 10, 3p (2p EDT, 8p CEDT)

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